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Helsinn Birex Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Dublin (HBP)

We operate a state-of-the-art drug product development and manufacturing facility for the production of oral, solid and topical dosage forms. We produce and deliver world-class finished products and services and manage an external network of Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) partners to provide global supply of group products to partners. Over many years we have been consistently recognized internationally by industry awards for industrial safety and responsible care. In 2011, further investments increased the analytical testing capacity at this site. The site is approved by the European Medicines Agency and US FDA, and exports to over 50 countries worldwide.


  • Worldwide logistic platform including Cold and Frozen Chain distribution
  • Serialization of products including EU FMD and US DQSA requirements
  • Building area 8,000m2 on a site area of 27,100m2
  • Oral solid dosage forms, packaging of sterile and topical products
  • Worldwide logistic platform including Cold Chain
  • Solid-dose development and clinical supply including HPAI’s
  • Stability Center (Zones I-IV, Frozen)
  • Inspected and approved by HPRA on behalf of EMA and PICS and US FDA
  • Employment approximately 200 (2020)