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Partner with us

We work closely with our partners to ensure that our collaborative approach and commitment to quality are shared throughout our network. In addition to cultivating long-standing relationships, we provide ready-to-market finished dosage forms and a complete package of services in support of either the product or our partners’ local activities. We also help our partners to achieve success with their mission throughout the product life cycle with continuous scientific development, and advice on commercial, regulatory, financial, legal, medical, marketing and market-access questions.

Our direct sales force in the USA and our out-licensing partners share our values and ambition to improve the everyday lives of patients and benefit from a constant and tailored support.

In- and out-licensing are key aspects of our business model. If you have a collaboration opportunity or are interested in becoming one of Helsinn’s partners, please contact us.


Helsinn was originally founded as an in-licensing company over 40 years ago. Thanks to this heritage, we have decades of expertise in identifying and sourcing innovative new chemical entities (NCEs) in the early to late stage of development, then taking them through the full clinical development program and towards registration, commercialization and distribution.

Expertise and Credibility

We have a solid track record in taking NCEs and using our integrated capabilities and in-house knowledge to complete development, from pre-clinical and clinical studies through to securing market approval worldwide and commercialization. Our high-quality R&D strategy, as well as our network in cancer care, cancer therapeutics and rare diseases give us the infrastructure, the expertise and the credibility to build a lasting franchise.



Helsinn’s extensive network of partners who commercialize the group’s products around the world has been built and strengthened over several decades. It represents our strong commitment to bringing a comprehensive portfolio of medicines and therapies to as many patients as possible.

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We are interested in evaluating new opportunities that can create meaningful synergies with our focus in cancer care. Contact us if you have an opportunity you would like to discuss.

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