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Helsinn Code of Conduct

Helsinn Code of Conduct

The Code, adopted by the Helsinn Board of Directors, is a tangible demonstration of the level of professionalism that Helsinn achieves in its activities and expects from all its directors, officers, employees, agents and contractors, whether permanent or temporary staff.

As an organization committed to compliance with the law and to ethical, social and environmental responsibility, we believe the principles set out in our Code guide all activities involving Helsinn or anyone acting on behalf of or in concert with the Group.

The trust placed in Helsinn by all involved individuals and entities, including patients, healthcare professionals, governmental authorities and business partners around the globe, is essential to the success of Helsinn’s business, as well as to the protection of the Group’s reputation and long-term value. Adherence to our Code, and all applicable laws, regulations and codes is crucial to the ability to create and maintain such trust and, therefore, the success of the Helsinn Group.

Our Code cannot tell us how to act in every situation. Helsinn’s policies, procedures, training and other resources are available to provide additional guidance. If the right choice is still not clear or if further advice is needed, we must consult our manager, Human Resources, Compliance, Legal, Quality or any other relevant expert function.

Helsinn considers this Code essential for its directors, officers, employees, agents and contractors, and expects all those cooperating with, or acting on behalf of Helsinn, to uphold and comply with its principles and rules and, if in a management position, to act as a role model to everyone else.

Helsinn commits to enforce our Code effectively. Any violation of our Code may lead to disciplinary action or other measures, which may include reprimands, warnings, demotion or termination of employment, in line with employment laws.

The laws, regulations or codes of some countries may impose requirements that are different from those included in our Code. In such cases, we always comply with the strictest applicable rules.