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Helsinn Code of Conduct and Ethics

Helsinn Code of Conduct and Ethics

The Code, adopted by the Helsinn Board of Directors, sets forth the governing principles and describes the behaviours expected of all directors, employees (“Personnel”) and third parties with whom we conduct business acting on Helsinn’s behalf, including contractors, consultants, and our vendors (collectively, “Covered Persons”).

Helsinn is committed to compliance with the applicable law, to sustainability in business and to ethical, social and environmental responsibility, as pledged within the adopted Sustainability Policy, which terms are fully recalled in this Code. As such, the principles set out in the Code apply to all activities involving Covered Persons. Each Covered Person is responsible for reading, becoming familiar with, and complying with the Code.

The laws, regulations, or codes of some countries may impose requirements that are different from those included in this Code. In such cases, you should always comply with the strictest applicable rules.

The trust placed in Helsinn, including by patients, healthcare professionals, governmental authorities, and business partners around the globe, is essential to the success of Helsinn’s business, as well as to the protection of Helsinn’s reputation and long-term value.

Adherence to the Code, and all applicable laws, regulations, and other codes – including the Sustainability Policy – is crucial to the ability to create and maintain such trust and, therefore, the success of Helsinn.

The Code cannot address every situation. Helsinn’s policies, procedures, training, and other resources are available to provide additional guidance. If you have questions, if the right choice is not immediately clear, or, if further advice is needed, you can consult your supervisor, Human Resources, Helsinn’s Compliance Officer, or the Legal Department. If you learn of or suspect a violation of this Code or any other legal, regulatory, or ethical violation, you must raise it to your immediate supervisor or Departmental Manager, to the Compliance Officer or anonymously through Compline Helsinn’s Compliance support line or EthicsPoint.

Helsinn does not permit retaliation against anyone who raises any issues, concerns, or allegations in good faith. Helsinn is committed to enforcing our Code effectively. Any violation of this Code may lead to disciplinary action or other measures, which may include reprimands, warnings, demotion, or termination of employment, in accordance with applicable employment laws.