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Helsinn Third Parties' Code of Conduct

At Helsinn Group (“Helsinn”), everyone is committed to act in an ethical manner and to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and codes, at all times. These principles have been incorporated into Helsinn’s Code of Conduct, policies and procedures which all everyone must follow within the Helsinn.

As a group, Helsinn expects the same commitment from all business partners and is resolved to work only with third-party companies that endorse the same principles and commitments. In other words, Helsinn expects Suppliers to act in an ethical manner and to operate in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and codes at all times.

As a result, this Third Parties Code of Conduct (the “Third Parties Code”) describes the principles and commitments expected of our Third Parties in the conduct of their business. Such expectations are an important component of Helsinn’s Third Parties evaluation and selection process, in line with Helsinn’s policies and procedures.

Fundamental to this Third Parties Code is the shared belief that business should not only operate in compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations, but that our behaviours address underlying societal concerns. Helsinn is aware that differences in cultures and laws may create challenges in applying this Third Parties Code globally. The Third Parties Code does not replace local law.

Third parties are also expected to apply these principles and commitments to the partners with whom they work in providing goods and services to Helsinn (“Subcontractors”). Third Parties must select Subcontractors accordingly and must implement systems and controls to monitor their compliance. Third Parties remain accountable for the actions of their Subcontractors in providing goods and services to Helsinn.

This Third Parties Code is an integral part of the relevant agreement between Helsinn and any Third Parties, but it is not intended to replace it or supersede it. Breach of any of the provisions of this Third parties Code is considered as a significant breach of the related contractual arrangements and may result in consequences, up to potential termination of the contractual relationship, in line with the applicable laws, regulations and codes.

For the purposes of this Third Parties Code, the term “Third parties” include any natural person or legal entity with whom Helsinn interacts and who poses, due to the nature of their business, a level of Ethics & Compliance or bribery risk.