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Going further to bring better days to even more people with cancer

Building better todays for more patients worldwide image

Building better todays for more patients worldwide

At Helsinn, we’ve made it our mission to improve the everyday lives of patients. We’ve been a family-run pharmaceutical company since we were founded over 40 years ago, guided by our values of integrity, respect and with a 360-degree approach to quality that runs through everything we do.  We are a fully integrated targeted therapy company focused on extending and improving the lives of people with cancer all over the world .

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Our Business

The Helsinn Group is a fully integrated, global biopharma company with a diversified pipeline of innovative oncology assets helping to improve the lives of patients with cancer all over the world.


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Corporate Social Responsibility: Sustainability image

Corporate Social Responsibility: Sustainability

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly central part of Helsinn’s culture and business strategy. Integrity, quality and respect have always been at the core of our business, but increasingly, organizations are aware that they function as part of an ecosystem to which they have a responsibility. Care for the communities in which we operate, and stewardship of our environment, are as important to our long-term future as the economic bottom line.

Click the link above to find out how Helsinn is operating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Our Products

The product candidates that we have transformed into sustainable market successes serve as a testament to the strength of the Helsinn business model.

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