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Health and Safety at Work

At Helsinn, we are committed to promoting a safe and healthy workplace, reducing risk of injuries, preventing disease and supporting staff in achieving health and wellness goals. Health and safety is a key priority, with a Zero Incident Rate an objective in all our factories. All events that cause an accident or an anomaly, even minor accidents without personal or material consequences, are registered, analyzed and corrective action is taken in order to avoid a recurrence.

Helping support staff with health and wellness

In September 2015 Helsinn Group was awarded the Global CEO Cancer Gold Standardâ„¢ accreditation. This important initiative is a workplace-based wellness accreditation program that provides a framework for employers to lower the risk of cancer, detect it early, and ensure access to high-quality care when it is diagnosed.

The CEO Cancer Gold Standardâ„¢ focuses on five critical areas, known as the Five Pillars:

  • Pillar #1 Prevention (Tobacco-Free Workplace, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Healthy Weight,Vaccines)
  • Pillar #2 Screening
  • Pillar #3 Cancer Clinical Trials
  • Pillar #4 Quality Treatments and Survivorship
  • Pillar #5 Health Education & Health Promotion

In 2016 we launched a range of workplace initiatives, beginning with a smoking cessation support program.