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China Operations

Helsinn has been present in China since 2012 with the objective of bringing its values and innovative cancer care products, serving the needs of the evolving Chinese healthcare community and patients.

From a Representative Office to an established company with offices in Beijing and Shanghai, Helsinn Pharmaceuticals (Beijing) Co. Ltd has advanced its operations from leading clinical and regulatory development activities to setting up the basis for future growth with a commercial platform in Shanghai.

In the past few years, Helsinn Pharmaceuticals (Beijing) Co. Ltd has developed into a lean and committed organization, expanding its footprint in China, not only by successfully launching several world-leading cancer supportive care products, but also continuously offering a full range of commercial and medical support to the local distribution partners.

Currently, Helsinn is advancing an innovative R&D pipeline in cancer supportive care and oncology therapeutics, strategically investing in a fully integrated targeted therapy structure to develop, manufacture and commercialize small molecules in precision medicine with higher market potential, and is seeking more potential business opportunities in China with its unique business model and strategy. From product portfolio expansion to licensing activities and strategic partnering, Helsinn aims to grow steadily and become a leading player in cancer care and rare diseases in China.