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Integrity Portal

“At Helsinn, we have made it our mission to improve the everyday lives of patients. We always strive to go further and bring better todays to even more people living with cancer. Our science and our ethical reputation are the key ingredients to deliver this ambitious promise to patients and gain their trust. It is therefore vital that we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards across our entire business, above and beyond what is required. The healthcare environment is becoming increasingly complex with growing ethical and regulatory expectations and scrutiny.

At Helsinn, as a family business, we pride ourselves to place ethics and compliance at the heart of our strategy and as a milestone of our culture. We firmly believe in our corporate social responsibility and we know that a compliant business and a successful business are one and the same, where ethical reputation is essential to thrive as a group. This is who we are as a group.

As Helsinn employees, we conduct our business with fairness, integrity, and honesty as we individually and collectively stand accountable to patients, to healthcare professionals, to the authorities, to society and to the environment, building trust with every single action we perform. We own compliance and ethics individually, by doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do, even when it seems hard.”

Riccardo Braglia
Group Executive Chairman